Cream Poster
  • Cream Poster
Cream's two appearances at the Fillmore were incredible successes, and at the end of their run, Bill Graham presented Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce each with a gold watch to show his appreciation.
Print Variations
The 1st printing of the poster is characterized by its patchy brown/gold border that matches the postcard. The lettering is a bright, almost Day Glow purple/magenta color. It was printed before the concert, first in a run of 5,000, and a week and a half later 500 more were printed. Posters from either print run are identical in all respects and are considered originals. This 1st printing measures 13 7/8" x 21".
The 2nd printing is identified by its even yellow border and rich red lettering. It was printed after the concert on 12/14/1968 in a run of 1,000. This reprint poster measures 13 7/8" x 21".