Big Brother and the Holding Company Poster
  • Big Brother and the Holding Company Poster
Print Variations
The 1st printing poster shows an image printed in black ink on a brown/bronze background that varies from lighter to darker throughout the run. The red circle also ranges in shade and brightness. This original printing is on stock that displays a "rows" pattern, and it measures 14" x 20". It was printed before the concert.
The 2nd printing is characterized by its brighter bronze background and vibrant red circle. The image is etched in black, and it was printed after the concert on smooth plated stock. This reprint has a small dot in between the "U" and "L" of July at the top of the poster just to the right of the Family Dog logo. It measures 14" x 20 1/4".
The 3rd printing has a light brown/dark yellow background and the image, which is somewhat washed out and incomplete looking, is printed in green ink. It measures 14" x 20 1/8".