Aretha Franklin Poster

Aretha Franklin Poster
The Diva herself, Aretha Franklin, played three nights in 1971 at the Fillmore West. Recordings of those sessions were released as "Live at the Fillmore West" and became one of her best albums. The gig proved to be memorable for the opening band, Tower of Power, too: on Saturday night, Emilio Castillo of Tower exchanged hellos with Franklin in the dressing room hallway and she said, "Tower of Power, my favorite band."
Print Variations
The 1st printing poster has a hot pink rectangle at the bottom of the poster in which the concert and ticket outlet information is located. It measures 14" x 21" and was printed before the concert.
The 1st printing A variant (see BG272-A) is differentiated by its white rectangle in which the concert and ticket outlet information is located. It measures 13 15/16" x 21" and was also printed before the concert.
The 2nd printing is on coated stock and has "W 2021" in the lower right hand margin. It was printed in 2021 by Wolfgang's in a 250 copy run. This reprint measures 14" x 21".
About David Singer
During his Fillmore era, from 1969-1971, Singer created more posters for Graham than any other artist. Singer's posters are notable for his use of collage, incorporating thousands of images clipped from magazines spanning several decades. He developed a format that included a stunning variety of lettering styles, applying them in close relation to the theme or subject of a poster.