Phil Lesh & Friends Proof
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Former Grateful Dead Phil Lesh and his wife Jill founded UBC in Spring, 1997 after the sudden death of Jerry Garcia stalled Jerry's Rex Foundation efforts. Benefit concerts raised money for non-profits that supported music, education, or the environment, and the early concerts were called PhilHarmonias, huge sing-a-longs with audience participation. Randy Tuten of 1960s poster fame drew this bright, symbol-laden design.
Our poster proofs are rare collectible prepress versions of vintage concert posters from the 1960s to today, featuring classic bands in rock, blues, jazz, soul, and more.
About Randy Tuten
Randy Tuten is the only poster artist whose work spans five decades of design for The Fillmore. The 23 year-old San Francisco native was hired by Bill Graham in January, 1969, and their mutual taste for traditional, readable design style led to a long-lasting work relationship. Although influenced by the compositions of "Fillmore Five" artists Mouse, Kelley and Griffin, Tuten avoided "... Heavy meaning in my posters." Tuten's style reflected his skill as a draftsman, and his designs evolved into an eclectic mix of graphic imagery, lettering and photographs.