New Generation Poster
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Of the three featured bands, The New Generation and The Jaywalkers were short-lived success stories on the San Francisco scene. The Charlatans, however, became frequent San Francisco performers and had a hand in creating the visual appeal of the early music. Wes Wilsons' undulating letters and shapes fill the page from margin to margin.
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Print Variations
The pre-concert 1st printing measures 14" x 20" and is printed on vellum with slightly deeper more fibrous colors than those on the reprint.
The post-concert 2nd printing is on uncoated index with slightly brighter and more reflective colors than those of the 1st printing. It measures 13 13/16" x 19 15/16".
About Wes Wilson
When the Avalon Ballroom and Bill Graham's Fillmore Auditorium began to hold weekly dance concerts, Wilson was called upon to design the posters. He created psychedelic posters from February 1966 to May 1967, when disputes over money severed his connection with Graham. Wilson pioneered the psychedelic rock poster. Intended for a particular audience, "one that was tuned in to the psychedelic experience," his art, and especially the exaggerated freehand lettering, emerged from Wilson's own involvement with that experience and the psychedelic art of light shows.