Hey Marseilles / PHOX Vinyl 12"

Hey Marseilles / PHOX Vinyl 12"
  • Hey Marseilles / PHOX Vinyl 12"
The 15th installment in the Daytrotter Presents vinyl series, this 180-gram, split 12-inch vinyl pairs two of the most promising young bands in America. Seattle's Hey Marseilles and Baraboo, Wisconsin, band PHOX were tour-mates through the Midwest this spring and they are both primed to explode. Being two groups this young, these two sessions are doubly stunning. Both bands approach melodies and orchestration in ambitious and creative ways, making sounds that envelope your pleasure points. This is the vinyl debut for both bands and will go down as one of the most exciting splits in our series. We couldn't be happier to get these incredible recordings out on wax. Thanks for the support and enjoy!
Hey Marseilles (Side A)
1. Bright Stars Burning
2. Heart Beats
3. Tides
4. Dead of Night
PHOX (Side B)
1. Slow Motion
2. Evil
3. Kingfisher
4. 1936