Cream Postcard
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Cream, the original power trio, was creating a huge buzz in the music world before performing their first show in the States. Before even hearing them play, Bill Graham had the foresight to book Cream for nearly two weeks at the Fillmore. MacLean's artwork conjures up the mystery of the moors.

Our vintage concert postcards commemorate shows from Fillmore East, Fillmore West, Winterland and Avalon Ballroom.

Print Variations

The postcard was only printed once prior to the concert. It measures 4 9/16" x 7 1/16".

There were also some pre-concert double-sized mailers printed that were conjoined with the BG080 image (see BG079/080). They measure 4 1/2" x 14".

About Bonnie MacLean

During the early days of the Fillmore, MacLean was the most "present" member of the staff. She collected tickets, passed out handbills, blew up balloons and counted money for Fillmore productions. Impressed with her lettering skill on the upcoming attractions chalkboards, Bill Graham surprised her with an easel and art supplies for Christmas, 1967, and MacLean's poster artist career was launched. Untrained in graphic arts, MacLean's early style evolved into ornate, Medieval-Gothic designs. Faces in her posters wore trance-like stares, steady and serene, and evoke the detached spirituality of the sixties.