Country Joe & the Fish Postcard
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Our vintage concert postcards commemorate shows from Fillmore East, Fillmore West, Winterland and Avalon Ballroom.

David Singer's collage was uncharacteristically related to the concert performers in BG217. The artist's lettering, another departure, formed fish and faces as it dribbled down the page.

Print Variations

The only postcards known to exist measure 4 1/2" x 7 1/4" and were cut from the BG217/218 pre-concert double-sized mailer.

About David Singer

During his Fillmore era, from 1969-1971, Singer created more posters for Graham than any other artist. Singer's posters are notable for his use of collage, incorporating thousands of images clipped from magazines spanning several decades. He developed a format that included a stunning variety of lettering styles, applying them in close relation to the theme or subject of a poster.