The Diggers Framed Fine Art Print

The Diggers Framed Fine Art Print
The Diggers' vision of a classless society unfettered by social authority did not, however, prevent the Diggers from collecting money or burning it to make a point and [the death of money] Now! Day arose from an acute need to raise bail money for two favorite Hell's Angels. The atmosphere in San Francisco was more benign in the mid-sixties than it would become later in the decade, even a few policemen tossed money into the open-coffin collection plate, and many of the photographs that capture this day's relative innocence were taken by superb photographer-on-the-spot, Gene Anthony.
About Gene Anthony
Thousands of people flocked to the corner of Haight and Ashbury during the Summer of Love, but few saw the unfolding phenomenon as clearly as Gene Anthony did. From his apartment one block up the hill, he witnessed the extraordinary pilgrimage of young people from across the country as they trooped to San Francisco in search of answers, approval and love, and he captured the compelling vignettes through his telling lens. Anthony's photographic talent, subjects and well-deserved acclaim extend far beyond the psychedelic period, but his ability to capture a mood on a face or the essence of an era from a simple street sign was recognized and refined during that time. His photographs have, in turn, become the myriad faces of the Summer of Love.