Pete Townshend Fine Art Print

Pete Townshend Fine Art Print
  • Pete Townshend Fine Art Print
"This was, arguably, the last great Who tour: the whole '76 year. That was actually the last time Keith Moon played drums for them, before he died; and that was the last time the Who played Winterland. I think a friend of Moon's from L.A. came up and had some mescaline. So we did mescaline before the show. I remember shooting part of the show from a television camera position and then started really coming on and shot part of the show from the pit in the front. I remember Moon got up and then collapsed over the drum kit-cymbals fell onto the ground-and Townshend and Entwistle ended up grabbing him, one by each ankle, and dragging him off stage." -Michael Zagaris
The majority of our photography is custom produced to ensure the finest quality. Please allow 4-7 days for processing before your photo will ship. Vintage images were produced using a wide range of cameras. The size listed is the size of the paper used to produce the print. In some cases, there will be a white border surrounding the image.
About Michael Zagaris
Michael Zagaris, known as 'the Z-man', offers the performer's eye view in his photography. Zagaris became the Stones, the Who, Led Zeppelin; not vicariously but actually. He donned the make-up and ran down the tunnel onto the stage. As an insider in those days, he took photographs of what was, not what one expected to see, and as an insider today he does the same thing for 21st century bands and artists. As team photographer for the San Francisco 49ers, a title he achieved in '73, and for the Oakland A's, Zagaris is sports' inside-out shooter. Ankles taped and knee pad-clad, he's the guy so familiar to the players that they see him as their own.