Madonna Fine Art Print

Madonna Fine Art Print
Live Aid, the massive joint undertaking of Bill Graham and Bob Geldof, raised money for the victims of famine in Ethiopia. The 16-hour live concert featured the biggest stars of the era and inspired some highly creative gate-crashing maneuvers. The jury is still out on which performer made the biggest impression: U2 was outstanding, and Bono pulled his touring trick of yanking a girl out of the crowd for an on-stage dance; Phil Collins played a marathon of solos and instrumentals with other bands; Tina Turner rocked; disbanded groups including The Who, Duran Duran and Led Zeppelin reunited for the event. No-shows, such as Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen, had a lot to explain to their fans. Broadcast live on television, the benefit raised an estimated $100 million, and one observer heard Bill Graham later comment "... what Live Aid did was to make artists aware of their awesome power to create positive things."
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