Howard Jones

Howard Jones
About Howard Jones
Of all the synth-pop artists to emerge from the early '80s, Howard Jones was among the most talented and most successful. Born in Southampton, U.K., raised in Canada, and transplanted back to London in his late teens, Jones cut his teeth on progressive rock music, playing in a band called Warrior and citing groups like ELP and Yes as his primary influences. By the time the '70s came to an end. Jones was deeply into the emerging early digital keyboard technology. He eventually became a session player, and while he was a remarkable keyboardist, he was widely known in the industry for his ability to develop extraordinary keyboard sounds and rhythmic patterns.
For many years, Jones performed using a heavy array of pre-programmed synths and a rhythm section of Martin Chaz on bass and Trevor Price on drums. He also incorporated Mime artist Jed Hoile to give the show a distinct visual element, something he clearly nicked from David Bowie.
Jones continued to have a few more radio hits, but by the mid-1990s, the synth-pop style of music he spearheaded had gone out of style. He continued to record and tour as a one-man show, releasing a number of live acoustic albums. In 2001, he was a touring member of Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band. Jones continues to record and tour today, and to date he has released several albums on his own D-Tox Records.