Mar Y Sol Pop Festival Women's T-Shirt
  • Mar Y Sol Pop Festival Women's T-Shirt
Mar Y Sol, meaning Sun and Sea, was Puerto Rica's first international music festival, and the fact that it was held during Semana Santa, their holy Easter week, did nothing to stop some serious turmoil from brewing. The organizers anticipated 60,000 people but only about 35,000 attended. By the end of the first day, many concertgoers were citing frustration from lack of facilities, water and food, and were already headed back to San Juan to fly home. Technical problems and criminal activity, including two murders, two drownings, violence and robbery, set the stage for a most unenjoyable visit. The redeeming feature was the music, of course, a stellar lineup of some of the best musicians around: Alice Cooper, Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac, ELO, BB King, Dave Brubeck, the Allman Brothers, Mahavishnu Orchestra, and Poco to name a few. Gridlocked traffic had Black Sabbath stuck at a hotel, where Ozzy threw a cherry bomb and literally bombed their room. Dire conditions and all, Mar Y Sol became a historically important musical and cultural event.