Sarah Jaffe / David Ramirez Vinyl 12" (New)
  • Sarah Jaffe / David Ramirez Vinyl 12" (New)
  • Sarah Jaffe / David Ramirez Vinyl 12" (New) reverse side
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Unlike our other vinyl, this title was cut at 45rpms.

The 17th installment in the limited-run Daytrotter Presents vinyl series, this 180-gram, split 12-inch vinyl features two of our favorite Texans - Sarah Jaffe and David Ramirez. Jaffe writes wonderfully ragged stories about tragically ragged loves, giving them all the appropriate amount of gravity, placing you right between the sheets with them or watching as the dust settles from the drive-off. Ramirez makes you quiver. He writes and sings about faults and mistakes and the people living or dealing with them. He makes you restless in your nights, wondering about how it's going to shake out. Jaffe and Ramirez bring that heartache and beautiful sadness that have a heritage in that old Texas style. Get these while you can. Quantities will be limited. Thanks for the support and enjoy!

Sarah Jaffe (Side A)

1. A Sucker For Your Marketing / Vulnerable

2. Two Intangibles Can't Be Had

3. Clementine

David Ramirez (Side B)

1. An Introduction

2. Mighty Fine

3. Shoeboxes

4. Stick Around

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