Daniel Johnston / Into It. Over It. Vinyl 12" (New)
  • Daniel Johnston / Into It. Over It. Vinyl 12" (New)
  • Daniel Johnston / Into It. Over It. Vinyl 12" (New) reverse side
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The 12th installment in the Daytrotter Presents vinyl series, this Daniel Johnston/Into It. Over It. 180-gram, split 12-inch vinyl features a combination of tracks that the legendary Texas popsmith Daniel Johnston recorded for us over the span of two sessions a few years ago. Both sessions were taped in Austin, Texas and showcase the unavoidable genius of this gentle spirit. He is truly one of the American greats. On the flip side is a similar collection of songs picked from two of the most well-received and listened to Daytrotter sessions in history. As Into It. Over It., Evan Weiss makes songs that demand attention and sometimes suggest that a straight jacket or a hug might be needed. Get these while you can. Thanks for the support and enjoy!

Daniel Johnston (Side A)

1. Love Wheel

2. Living Life

3. Speeding Motorcycle

4. Rock and Roll / EGA

5. I Had Lost My Mind

6. True Love Will Find You In The End

Into It. Over It. (Side B)

1. No Good Before Noon

2. Where Your Nights Often End

3. Connecticut Steps

4. Bustin'

5. Embracing Facts

6. Nashville, TN

7. The Frames That Used To Greet Me

8. What's Written On Your Wrist

9. Raw Bar

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