Cursive / Fake Problems Vinyl 12" (New)
  • Cursive / Fake Problems Vinyl 12" (New)
  • Cursive / Fake Problems Vinyl 12" (New) reverse side
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The 19th installment in the limited-run Daytrotter Presents vinyl series, this 180-gram, split 12-inch vinyl features the sublime, dense and darkly described world according to Cursive and a group that could be their younger brothers from Florida, Fake Problems. Led by Tim Kasher, Cursive was one of the forebears of the Omaha/Saddle Creek Records scene and they won us over with the way they were able to put the malaise of the Midwest, or Council Bluffs and Nebraska, into such pretty albeit biting words. Fake Problems is a band that follows the siren calls. These guys - with a lightning-inflected sound of temptation tested and broad-chested rusticity - prevail and look back at their own peril. Get these while you can. Quantities will be limited. Thanks for the support and enjoy!

Cursive (Side A)

1. Love Cats

2. The Casualty

3. Modern Love

4. What Have I Done?

Fake Problems (Side B)

1. Complaint Department

2. Songs For Teenagers

3. Ghost To Coast


5. I Love To Boogie

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