Quicksilver Messenger Service Poster

Quicksilver Messenger Service Poster
  • 1st Printing $303 $303 $0 Very Good
  • 2nd Printing $65 $65 $0 Very Good

Print Variations

The 1st printing poster was printed before the concert and has the printers credits, "The Bindweed Press, San Francisco" in the lower right corner, below the poster artist's name. This printing measures 12 3/4" x 20".

The 2nd printing poster was printed after the concert. Although this is an unauthorized reprint done in the early 1970s, the plates from the original 1st printing run were used to print them. The "Bindweed" credits are omitted, and "San Francisco Poster Company" is listed in the lower right corner instead. This printing is slightly wider, measuring 13" x 20".