Tim McGraw Framed Poster
  • Tim McGraw Framed Poster
  • Tim McGraw Framed Poster reverse side
  • 20 3/8" x 40 1/8" Matted, Framed & Signed by Perf - Sold "as-is" $100 $100 $0.00 Used - Good
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This item is sold "as-is" and is non-returnable. For details see disclaimer description below.
This item was part of John Maginnis' personal collection. It was owned and treasured by him. Since his passing in 2013, John's personal collection was acquired by Wolfgang's with the spririt of continuing his legacy. Many items from the collection show wear from the years of their existance. You are purchasing a piece of history "as is." Items may contain imperfections such as scratches.

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