Grateful Dead Proof
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This item is sold "as-is" and is non-returnable. For details see disclaimer description below.
This item was part of Bill Graham's personal collection and shows some damage from the May 7, 1985 firebombing of his San Francisco office. The attack stemmed from Graham's open and honest criticism of President Reagan's visit to Bitburg Cemetery published in the San Francisco Chronicle. You are purchasing a piece of history "as is." Items may contain imperfections such as burn marks.

This poster has been extensively bootlegged and most copies are bogus. There are some small printing flaws unique to the originals, as well as a slight difference in color. The only way for someone who is not familiar with this poster to tell the difference is to compare it to an original proof sheet. There is substantial color difference that may help you steer clear of a bootleg.

Our poster proofs are rare collectible prepress versions of vintage concert posters from the 1960s to today, featuring classic bands in rock, blues, jazz, soul, and more.