Leftover Salmon Proof
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Leftover Salmon's provenance was interesting and not as unappetizing as it sounded: the band was the result of a merger between the Lefthand String Band and the Salmonheads. String Cheese Incident, too, included mandolin and violin and was imbued with a slightly psychedelic lettering style reminiscent of Jim Phillips' early poster design days. Former Grateful Dead member Vince Welnik rounded out the evening.
Our poster proofs are rare collectible prepress versions of vintage concert posters from the 1960s to today, featuring classic bands in rock, blues, jazz, soul, and more.
About Jim Phillips
Jim Phillips, a Santa Cruz native, is a graphic artist whose design work includes rock posters, skateboard decks and surfer T-shirts. Permanently settling in California in 1968 with his wife and new son, Phillips began designing for Bill Graham Presents and Family Dog, where he later became Art Director. Phillips has always encouraged beginning artists, and he continues to paint surfer and skateboard art, designs the infrequent poster and collaborates on various projects with his artist son, Jimbo.