Grateful Dead Proof
  • Grateful Dead Proof
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This item is sold "as-is" and is non-returnable. For details see disclaimer description below.
This item was part of Bill Graham's personal collection and shows some damage from the May 7, 1985 firebombing of his San Francisco office. The attack stemmed from Graham's open and honest criticism of President Reagan's visit to Bitburg Cemetery published in the San Francisco Chronicle. You are purchasing a piece of history "as is." Items may contain imperfections such as burn marks.
This poster was never publicly displayed to advertise the show. Upon receiving the first batch of posters, Radio City Music Hall was unhappy with how the poster combined Dead imagery with Radio City imagery, and demanded that Grateful Dead Productions destroy the remaining posters. Some posters have nonetheless remained in circulation, and bootlegs exist as well.
Wolfgang's has a set of original proofs of the poster. For the most part they are in mint or near mint condition, but bear varying degrees of damage from the 1985 fire bombing of Bill Graham Presents offices in San Francisco, where they were stored at that time.
The original poster was printed on thick white stock and measures approximately 21?? x 27??.
The original proof sheet was printed on thick white stock and measures approximately 23? x 29?.