The Beatles Vintage Print
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The Beatles coming onto the stage of their last concert ever. I was the only photographer allowed backstage. When we arrived at the stadium, the band was in an armored car following, and the old fart groundskeeper at the center field gate wouldn't let us in - he didn't know what was going on! So we had to drive around this pretty hardcore ghetto, Hunter's Point, while things got straightened out, and we finally got in about 20-minutes later. - Jim Marshall
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About Jim Marshall
Regarded by many as "THE rock and roll photographer," Jim Marshall's career has always been focused on the documentation of people, especially musicians. Unlimited access to the musicians coupled with an inviolate sense of trust between subject and photographer allowed Marshall special opportunities: he was chief photographer at Woodstock and was the only photographer allowed backstage at the Beatles final concert. Since he demanded total access, Marshall lived 24-7 with his subjects, and his pictures reflect affection for the artists as they describe the musicians' character. Marshall has said that it's no accident if his pictures seem musical because, "I see the music."