Otis Redding Fine Art Print
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On this night in Monterey, he came out in a lime green suit and gave the single-greatest performance I've seen in my life. Later that evening the late Brian Jones from the Stones and I were standing backstage, and Brian said, "You know, Jim, I think Mick is the best performer in the world, and I think we've got the best band, but you couldn't give me a million quid to follow Otis Redding onstage." - Jim Marshall

This print is number 7 from an edition of 50.

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About Jim Marshall

Regarded by many as "THE rock and roll photographer," Jim Marshall's career has always been focused on the documentation of people, especially musicians. Unlimited access to the musicians coupled with an inviolate sense of trust between subject and photographer allowed Marshall special opportunities: he was chief photographer at Woodstock and was the only photographer allowed backstage at the Beatles final concert. Since he demanded total access, Marshall lived 24-7 with his subjects, and his pictures reflect affection for the artists as they describe the musicians' character. Marshall has said that it's no accident if his pictures seem musical because, "I see the music."