Motorhead is the tough guy bar band. Their mix of burly biker leanings and fast, furious, heavy, blues-laced rock is nothing short of what it might feel like to shank yourself in the face. Absurd and brutish, you got to hand it to them for leaving the audience refreshed. The late '70s was a groundbreaking era in terms of the declaration of speed and thrash metal, and Motorhead was holding it down at the forefront. But in the early '80s, things rounded an interesting corner for the British band.

Original guitarist, Fast Eddie, left the band after a rather silly dispute regarding a single with Wendy O. Williams and the Plasmatics. Subsequently, 1983's Another Perfect Day, following six classic Motorhead albums, was the first and last to feature the more mainstream and melodic tendencies of guitarist Brian "Robbo" Robertson, a onetime member of Thin Lizzy.

Turns out, albeit a bit confusing and different, this was Motorhead's most unique album. There are classic tracks to be had, like "Shine" and "Back At the Funny Farm," for example, that revisit their original bite. But this was all after Iron Fist (their previous record), and was unilaterally considered the start of the band's descent until their second uprising in the early '90s.

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