MC5 Handbill

MC5 Handbill
  • 1st Printing A $245 $245 $0 Mint

Print Variations

All variants of the handbill were printed before the concert and measure 8 1/2" x 11". No poster is known to exist.

The 1st printing handbill displays "Sunday Aug. 28", an incorrect date.

The brown and cream 1st printing A handbill displays the correct date, August 27.

The black and beige 1st printing B handbill also displays the correct date.

About Gary Grimshaw

Gary Grimshaw's talent has kept him in demand and in the spotlight in a career covering the rock scenes in Michigan and the San Francisco area. Doing much of his early work for the Detroit rock & roll band MC5, the Vietnam veteran turned anti-war activist designed his first concert poster in 1966. Working in San Francisco between 1966-70, he moved back to Michigan and settled in Motor City in 1974 where he concentrated on the local rock scene for the next 14 years. Recognized as an originator of the psychedelic poster form, Grimshaw passed away at the age of 67.