Dear Concert Vault Member,

On Tuesday May 1 Concert Vault merged with Wolfgang's, and Concert Vault memberships were converted to Wolfgang's AMP'd memberships. Concert Vault is now closed.

To enjoy your music now please go to the Music section at Wolfgang's. The entire collection of Concert Vault recordings is already available at Wolfgang's, so you won't miss a thing. If you had Playlists and Favorites at Concert Vault they will be there too.

When you first sign in, take a moment to visit Your Account page and check the Store Credit section. You will see a $20 addition - our thanks to you for being a loyal member. This will be automatically applied to any merchandise purchase you make at Wolfgang's.

As we said last week you'll receive several new benefits with your Wolfgang's AMP'd membership:

  1. You can access your personal favorites and playlists through the superb Wolfgang’s Music app for iOS and Android.
  2. You can stream and download all Daytrotter Sessions. Daytrotter is our site dedicated to new music discovery, featuring a new session from an upcoming artist every weekday recorded live at Daytrotter’s studio.
  3. As an AMP’d member you will get free ground shipping in the U.S. on any of the amazing merchandise at
  4. And of course, the $20 store credit we've added to your your account - thanks again for being a member!

Everything else you enjoyed in Concert Vault – featured concerts, well organized browse and search features, and solid playback functionality – works the same way on Wolfgang’s. Your membership will continue to renew as you have currently instructed, at the same price.

A special note to Sonos users: You will have to remove the Concert Vault service and add the Wolfgang’s Music service in your Sonos app. The Wolfgang’s Sonos service features an improved Browse section and better search integration with Sonos.

You may be wondering - why did we do this? The answer is simple. Maintaining both sites took time away from presenting our collection in the best way possible for our members. Now that we are presenting music only from Wolfgang’s we can get back to giving you more of what you want. You’ll begin receiving the Wolfgang’s Music newsletter once a week, replacing the Concert Vault newsletter that we used to send. This newsletter will spotlight our currently featured concerts and playlists, as well as our favorite release of the week from new artists at Daytrotter. On a more frequent basis, we’ll be featuring selected concerts via social media. If you’d like to get recommendations more frequently than once a week you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Speaking of Wolfgang’s, we hope you’ll take some time to search through its huge variety of vintage and modern merchandise - like this 1968 Jimi Hendrix poster, or this 1981 Rolling Stones t-shirt, or this vintage Prince pin. There is so much to explore on Wolfgang’s - we are excited for you to take your music discovery to another level.

This transition should be close to seamless - Wolfgang’s Music is presented almost identically to Concert Vault. But if it’s not for any reason, please Contact Us. We’ll get back to you right away to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you,
The Wolfgang’s & Concert Vault Team

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